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Last Updated 08/01/2022

OverDubb Studio: Terms, Conditions, and Liability Release Form 

Note: The session invoice completed serves as a work order, and it is subject to the conditions and covenants contained in this agreement.




  1. Cancellation / Reschedule: 


Please arrive on time, the session starts at the time you booked. Clients arriving late to their session will not have additional time added to their booked time.


OverDubb Studio permits one (1) reschedule of booked session time if given at least a 24-hour notice. NO REFUNDS are permitted. 


  1. Payment:


Any payment arrangements must be agreed to in writing by OverDubb Studio at least three {3} business days prior to the session. Any session paid for by check with insufficient funds or by an unauthorized credit card shall be considered to have not been paid for at the time of session. In addition, any sessions past due will be subject to a $100.00 processing fee, and turned over to collections if not paid. The client further agrees to pay in full, all collection costs which OverDubb Studio incurs.


In addition to the late processing fee, a carrying charge of twenty percent (20%) per month from the date of invoice will be applied to all accounts delinquent for more than thirty (30) days. The client agrees that any recorded media produced under this invoice may be held by OverDubb Studio until full payment and carrying charges are received.


Time lost due to equipment malfunction, tape defects, media issues, operator error, etc. shall be known as “DOWNTIME“. No monetary consideration for downtime will be allowed by OverDubb Studio unless such consideration is noted on this work order.


  1. Fraudulent or Stolen Funds:


OverDubb Studio upholds a no-tolerance policy for any fraudulent or stolen forms of payment in accordance with federal law. The client agrees that all forms of payment and identification are their own. The client will be subject to legal action in the event the client attempts or succeeds in any illegal activity including, but not limited to, theft and/or fraud. 


  1. Booking:


The client is advised to submit a written, numbered purchase order at the time studio services are booked, stating (A) the amount of studio time ordered, and (B) persons authorized to order further studio time. If the client chooses to waive the use of a written numbered purchase order, the client in doing so thereby authorizes the producers, artists, and/or other persons directing the recording and/or mixing of the project to incur charges on the client‘s behalf throughout the duration of the project originally booked by the client, and further waives defense that charges were incurred thereby without client‘s authorization. The client agrees to provide OverDubb Studio with written notice of the client’s decision to terminate further work on any given project. 


Undersigned personally accepts responsibility for and guarantees payment of this invoice in the event that the client fails to do so. Undersigned certifies that he is an authorized agent of the client, and is empowered to bind and commit the client to all of the terms and conditions herein and to incur charges on the client’s behalf. The undersigned certifies that all information on the work order is correct. 


  1. Waiver of Liability

The undersigned releases liability, in consideration of OverDubb Studio, in the extent of the situation in which the undersigned may sustain a personal injury, or other damage to themselves, property, or cause others to be injured or sustain damage, including damage to the property. The undersigned agrees to take full financial responsibility for any damage or costs incurred by him/her or by any party clients authorizes to attend the session.


The client agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless OverDubb Studio, and their managers, officers, trustees, employees, volunteers, assigns, successors, and/or agents, from and against all liability, actions, debts, claims, and demands of every kind, including but not limited to, any claim for negligence or negligent acts or omissions and any present or future claim, loss, liability for injury to person or property that the client may suffer, for which the client may be liable to any other person, that may arise while at OverDubb Studio.


The client hereby indemnifies and holds OverDubb Studio harmless from any and all damages which may accrue to the client and/or others, with respect to the costs of musicians, vocalists, and others, and all other costs in connection with downtime on this session and/or any future sessions.


  1. Property


Recorded media left for one (1) month or more are subject to storage and shipment fees to the client. The client hereby indemnifies and holds OverDubb Studio harmless from any and all claims for damages or losses which may occur to the client’s equipment, recorded media, or other property, while being stored, handled, or shipped by OverDubb Studio. 


  1. General


From time to time OverDubb Studio may ask the clients permission to capture film or photos of clients in order to document their experience at our facility. The client hereby grants OverDubb Studio permission to use any images taken of clients or others attending the session/booking with OverDubb Studio for commercial or non-commercial materials, including, but not limited to, the Company’s websites, publicly filed documents, presentations, signage, and advertisements. I understand that I will not receive any additional compensation for such use and hereby release the Company and anyone working on behalf of the Company in connection with the use of my images.


The client will neither assign nor transfer the client‘s rights or responsibilities under the terms of this agreement. In the event litigation is required to enforce the terms of this agreement, The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada.


Any changes made in this agreement must be agreed upon by OverDubb Studio in writing and a document must be signed by the client and OverDubb Studio.


This document must be signed either electronically or in hard copy. Electronic signatures count as originals for all purposes.

This agreement applies to all services contracted between the client and OverDubb Studio, including all bookings and services contracted in the future.

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